Revenue and Brand goals

Define goals for both revenue and for your brand

The goals you define for your company — both for your specific marketing initiatives as well as the higher arching goals you have for your company as a whole–set the tone. They communicate what’s priority, what you’d like to accomplish, and also what you’re going to be held accountable for.

  • Revenue goals

  • For a product based company, a revenue goal may be to increase software subscriptions by 10%. For a services based company, perhaps one of your revenue goals would be to increase lead form inquiries by 10%. Here you’re identifying a specific goal that relates to the revenue increase you’d like to achieve with your efforts.

  • Brand goals
  • Brand goals are more difficult to measure but incredibly important to set, work towards, and track, nonetheless. Your company may want to set a specific brand goal to become known as the go-to expert in your industry for analytics software. Or perhaps you want to set some simple brand goals like growing a higher quality email list, getting more people to read your blog, or building a more quality following on social media.

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